tony (kampolpat )
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    Twitter: @Anyastay Facebook: @WigglesTasia
  • Mexico
    Greetings!!! I love being a cosplayer, my great passion is Dragon ball! I also love listening to Heavy Metal music, watching movies, TV series and of course ANIME *-*. I fancy going to the GYM, playing videogames and playing the guitar. I hope you like my cosplays! Regards n.n Facebook: Twitter: @MauricioWood Youtube: MauricioWood Instagram: MauricioGokuWood
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    Forever Night Never Day
  • Mexico
    Hola a todos ??? soy cosplayer mexicana espero que te gusten mis fotos Aww gracias ^^ saludos a todos gente bonita del mundo
  • Finland
    I am a Finnish cosplayer and crossplayer. My favorite character is Nico Yazawa from Love Live. I hope you like my pictures. My photographer Nitsakia photography Facebook: Instagram:
  • Thailand
    Hello~ My name is Rain, from Thailand Nice to meet you <3 My Facebook Page ---> #cosplay #anime #manga #coverdance
  • Japan
    こんにちは♪ コスプレが大好きなmaisです! コスプレをする人が増える事が生き甲斐!!! Hello Everyone Cosplay is big, big, favorite man cosplayer mais! I would like to interact with people who like animation, games, cosplay a lot. Thank you very much. The more people enjoying cosplay, the more important is life! ! ! 【コスプレ教室HP】 Cosplay classroom website コスプレのアドバイスを発信しております。 【Cosplay Year's Archive】 【Twitter】 @mais418
  • Germany
    Hello, I'm Christina, a cosplayer from Germany. I'm doing cosplay since 2004 and I hope you enjoy looking at my photos and costumes. If you have any questions or like to contact me just write me a message. I would be happy to make new friends. ^^ For progress pictures of upcoming cosplays and other stuff, please feel free to follow me on Twitter. Thanks for all the support and feedback. I will try to respond back to everyone. Animexx:
  • Japan
    たくさんの方と仲良くさせていただきたいと思い登録しました。 archive: twitter: 素敵なお写真が沢山見れて、潤いもらってます(●´ω`●) 最近はめっきり刀剣乱舞・艦これ・乙女ゲーム(オトメイト・Rejet・18禁)アイドル作品に愛・情熱・お金を注いでおります。 懐かし系、WJ作品も大好きでございます!
  • Australia
    Hi everyone! My name is Ashmi✩ and I am an Australian Cosplayer! All cosplays are handmade and progress pictures can be found on my Instagram. Find me on Instagram as @Ashmicos
  • Taiwan
    ♥♡FaceBook" ♥♡Instagram"
  • Thailand
    ♥ สวัสดีทุกคนนะคะ ชื่อ หมี เป็นเลเยอร์ชาวไทยค่า ♥ ฝากตัวด้วยนะคะ Hi ! guys ♥ My cosname is Flying_Bear♥ you can call me Bear or Bear-chan ! nice to meet you guys ♥ はじめまして ♥ 私のコスプレ名前はくまたんです!17才です ‼ よろしくお願いします。♥♥♥
  • Malaysia
    Hi, I'm a cosplayer from Malaysia I'm a bit bad in english, sorry XD Anyway, nice to meet you ☆ 安安你好/ 我最喜歡冷門角色了☆ 目前深入海囚坑、手下沼、DG、ichu、各種RPG、拉普拉斯的神子etc... 全職獵人最高,庫洛洛我嫁。(誒 庫洛洛我嫁!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(好了 ((根本無法中英對照# FB: My own page: plurk: ----------------- i finally done this video, hope you all will like it >< ロストワンの号哭 youtube: