azproduction (Mikhail)
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    Hi, I'm a transmale who likes to cosplay and loves art.
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    🎓 Student of Medieval History 🎮 Gamer: Eso, WoW (Bfa sucks), Ffxiv (Tataru 😱) and others ❤️Addicted: Fate, Berserk, Yahari, Claymore and others Follow me on Instagram:
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    Energetic, childish, blunt, curious, fun-loving, witty, sassy, spunky, crybaby, lively & bubbly. ღ
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    I come from guangzhou ,CHINA.Thank you for your visit. Sina: 忘记账号4年,现在回来更新了。 至于为什么忘记账号,因为lol太好玩了,一直就懒得拍照了,也没有作品,渐渐地就忘记账号了。 不会用Cure WorldCosplay,不知道怎么回复,如果对我感兴趣,可以点击私信^_^ LOL中国服艾欧尼亚区可以一起玩游戏。
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    Hello, my name is Alan (Agro), and I am beginner cosplayer !
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    ♀Welcome to Umbrella Corporation, visitor. ▁▂▃ ▷ ⟼ Loading profile. Please, wait . . . ▁▂▃▅▆▇ ▷ .➂.⓶.❶ ENJOY YOUR STAY \㋡√☂ //
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    Hi, my name is Kate - Nice to meet you. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Check also my other pages: ☆ Facebook Page: ☆ Instagram: Soon! ☆ Twitter: 2019 cosplans: Soon! Stay tuned!
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    Hi, My name is Van Anh. You can call me Lilie16 as my nick name. I am a fan of Japan manga and also some Chinese fiction. My hobbies are capturing beautiful pictures and making and wearing costumes from the characters that I love. From my view point, when we play the role as characters that we adored, we can feel and learn so much precious emotion from them. I strongly believe that we can become friends because the common language --- cosplay. Love, Van Anh (Lilie16)