Kelanx (Kelanx)
Hi my name is Kelanx the Blue Spartan a OC character created by me base on a show called Red vs Blue from Rooster Teeth, that's my Nickname and is also a name for who I cosplay as Halo Blue Spartan, .The style idea was from a artist name called Synnesai or GXXD BXY, one of her RvB art call guns for hire, if interested go take a look and be sure to follow her.
Follow me for more photos and activities ENJOY.
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  • WorldCosplay No.208079
  • NicknameKelanx
  • Gender Male
  • Age 21
  • Country/RegionCommonwealth of Australia
  • 乾たつみ
  • ❦ eve ❦
  • Lord D Nightwalker
  • David Silitonga
  • Gerard Bataller
  • Melissa Lissova
  • Smurfass
  • ero-eri
  • Fraulein Lamia
  • Jevalow
  • Newia
  • Maho Shojo
  • Vega Gear
  • David Silitonga
  • Tashin
  • ero-eri
  • .•°~Taelin~°•.
  • 妖魔淫ゲームベストビブス青色背番号一番
  • Cris
  • Sayuri
  • WickedMoon
  • Paolo Cascante
  • Spyridon Kakouris
  • Caryu
  •  明けの明星