reika2011 (REIKA)
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    i'm mongolian cosplayer :}
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    México✨ Transboy~ Magi/Kuroshitsuji/Danganronpa💕 ⚓️King of the seven seas⚓️ 🇮🇳India Lover🇮🇳 💜💚SinJa/SomAgni/AmaOu Shipper💚💜
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    (='.'=) ♡Manga novelist, ex fashion model, pin-up model, cosplayer, photographer and improvising expert. ♡I am preparing a tribute to Guillermo del Toro ♡My greatest ambition is to make a great DRAG QUEEN! ♡♡♡Please, call me Mishii. 【DeviantArt】 【Facebook】 (Books Fan Site) 【Twitter】@tintavioleta 【Mail】
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    Hi, I'm Naoki! Nice to meet you♥ I like Anime , Games(especially otome game) & Seiyuu! IG & Twitter : @naocchii_
  • Taiwan
    Hi, I'm Moon Yue I come from Malaysia but i living Taiwan now I know a little bit english, but my grammar is bad Hope u will like my photo~ ✟ Instagram: ✟ Facebook: ✟ Twitter:
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    Mongolian Kitsune cosplay teams member Cosplayer Bonney des
  • Spain
    Hello! I'm Shironekoz, a begginer cosplayer and cosmaker Thank you for visiting my profile! More casual cosplay photos in my instagram:
  • Germany
    Hi - I'm Lissy! I'm 22 years old and a cosplayer from Berlin (Germany) I started cosplaying in 2011 and so far I've done around 45 cosplays. I'll be starting with some older stuff here and work my way to the newer cosplays so stay tuned~ For regular content please follow me on Instagram ♡ Instagram: lissycosplay Links:
  • Key
    Hi Guys~ I'm Key, cosplayer from Russia, nice to meet you ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ This is my favorite hobby, haha~ My page: Inst - Tw - Enjoy :3
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