reika2011 (REIKA)
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  • Taiwan
    Gaming, gym and cosplay.
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    Here is my Ko-fi page! I hope you enjoy my work!^•^ New account! Hello everyone! I'm an italian cosplayer and cosmaker! (キア-キア ファイア~☆ ) I would like to find friends who share my same passion for Japan! What I love about Japan are: culture; traditional festivals; anime; manga; cosplay; and the food; I hope i can meet you! Thanks for reading!⭐ こんにちは皆!私はイタリアのコスプレイヤーです!は日本に対する私の同じ情熱を共有する友人を探してい私は多くの異なる文化について話すためにあなたに会いたいと思っています!読んでくれてありがとう!さようなら!Ja ne!~ ⭐💠(^•^)💠⭐
  • Yui
    United States
    Harro~ I'm Yui, from norcal and I like food~ ❀Ơ⋏Ơ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm mostly active on instagram ℚ.ℚ : Twitter: @yu_ui030
  • Mexico
    I'm Liz, graphic designer futuring~ One of my main hobbies is the cosplay, and I like to make my own props (although I still need to improve).
  • Japan
  • Ecuador
    Hi i´m Cintia.
  • Poland
    Hi I am Lili - cosplayer from Poland
  • China
  • Viet Nam
    Hi, I'm Popotari. I'm Vietnamese. My Facebook page:
  • Philippines
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    こんにちは! 活動は主に日本の東北メイン。 やりたいものをやってます(b・ω・)b anime 【】
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    Hailing from Southeast Michigan, Disfusional Studios’ lead designer and fabricator, Ashlee Forde, has been creating and showing her artwork since 2005. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Design, Ashlee has applied her traditional artistic background to costume and prop design. Her attention to detail and advanced sewing and fabrication techniques have allowed her creations to stand in the spotlight again and again.
  • Japan
    Japanese Cosplayer live in Gifu Like❤︎FGO, YOI, 刀剣乱舞