Astharoshe Asran



  • France
    Hi ! My surname is Sheya. I'm 24 and I'm a french cosplayer. I'm actually living in Québec (Canada) for my studies. Find me on : ღ Facebook : ღ Twitter : ღ Instagram :
  • Argentina
    Thanks for looking at my work! i'm from Argentina, just a girl with huge love for cosplay. Artist (a little crazy) always wanting to learn more and more. I really love to create my costumes, wear them, create stage performances and make photo shootings. Feel free to talk to me ♥. Support me♥ Facebook♥ Tumblr♥
  • Hungary
    I belong to the group of ’veteran’ cosplayers in Hungary. My first attempts on cosplay can be traced back to 2006 – but they were mostly epic failures. I consider myself a passionate cosplayer since 2010. I always choose characters I can relate to - their personality is more important than their appearance. I used to choose characters from Asian media, but nowadays I prefer Western sources, mostly computer games.
  • Russia
    Hello everyone!Nice to meet you~ I'm a cosplayer from Russia~ Instagram Facebook Youtube Twitter Devinart Patreon Etsy Vk
  • Brazil
    ~Hello! Welcome to my WorldCosplay profile. *-* I cosplay since 2011, so I'm new on it. I'm counting on you to get better. /o/ If you want it, please follow my Instagram:
  • Ukraine
  • Mexico
    Hola! ''este es el pequeño espacio de Naruta'' quiero compartir mis trabajos que he realizado de cosplay; no son los mejores, pero disfruto mucho realizarlos n.n y bueno solo espero no decepcionar a nadie ;//u//; Por lo pronto, disfruten! ♥ --- Hi!! ''this is small space of Naruta'' I want share my work how cosplay, no is the best, but i enjoy perform them and well, I hope not to disappoint anyone ;//u//; For now, enjoy! ♥