• Colombia
    Hi! Hi! Hi! :3 I am Takuya a Cosplayer from Colombia. I am 21 years old and i started with this in the year 2015. cosplay is wonderful :3
  • Argentina
  • Brunei
    Hello guys am wan feel free to txt me call me either kuro or shiro finally i can sign in so hope i can follow any coslplayers out there and meet u both to cosplay together in the future
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
    Hi! I'm a graphic artist and an anime lover, fascinated by the amazing cos players. :)
  • Japan
    初心者ですがよろしくお願いします。 無言フォローwelcomeでっす。 like→NARUTO、黒子のバスケ、黒執事、グランブルーファンタジー、銀魂、A3、HUNTER×HUNTER etc… Twitter-@cocoa08100715
  • Indonesia
    Always happy about anything people say about me, because I'm not perfect person & pro Cosplay FB: Twitter:
  • United States
    Hello my name is Dj Satoru just call me dj I'm a Cosplayer in Chicago, I'm Working on becoming a photographer for Cosplay events , I also a member a Otaku Nation in Chicago , I want to Travel to many cons I can and I really want to go to Anime expo , I am going to try my best and have fun with it . Twitter Dj Satoru Youtube Dj Satoru Nation Facebook Dj Satoru Nation Twitch Dj Satoru And Thank you for Following Me
  • Japan
    Japanese cosplayer;) ・cosplay genres Kemono-Friends(Kaban) Kantai-Collection(Tama,Kako) Touken-Ranbu(Mikaduki-Munechika) Fate/Grand-Order(Emiya(Assassin)) VOCALOID() PERSONA4(Hero) FREE-PC-GAME(5 games hero) etc… ・coming soon Undertale(Frisk,Chara,Sans)
  • Japan
  • Qatar
    Hi I'm Franz, Well now im a certified cosplayer. :D The Joker!!! I'm a Prop Maker - Cosplay Items, a hobbyist building Gunpla, model scale cars and Etc. Graphic Designer is my profession, also an Events Photographer. Here's my Facebook Page : Followme ill follow you back. :D
  • France
    Hello! I'm a French/British cosplayer and I live in Paris, France. I used to cosplay as a young teenager and recently rediscovered my love for it again. I'm really excited to meet lots of new cosplayers on here! ^^ You can also follow me on instagram @dannyu_cosplay
  • Philippines
    Greetings from The Philippines! I am Phillipp, and I have been cosplaying since 2012. Some poeple forget that cosplay is just a hobby. But because of this hobby, we made new friends and created a large circle that we belong to. Never forget who you are and let us always be kind to each other. Thank you for liking my cosplays!
  • Costa Rica
    Hi!! I'm happy to share whith you all my work like a cosplayer. I feel nervious and excited because in my country only a few people have a World Cosplay profile. I hope that will can enjoy like me.
  • Japan
    I'm from the Japanese Tokai area. はじめまして、菊乃と申します。 月に一度ぐらいしかコスできないので、なかなかアップできませんが…。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします♪ 閲覧、好き!、コメントありがとうございます♡ とても嬉しいです♪ [アーカイブ] よろしければ、こちらでも♪ I'm not good at English. 英語できません…赤点の常連でした。 翻訳ソフト使ってみたんですが、上手く翻訳できていないかと思いますm(__)m