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  • Taiwan
    I'm Wenda !! a beginner in cosplay.
  • Japan
    Hallo,my name is Hisamu Suzuri(久夢 凉里).
  • Canada
    I'm Kiru :D! You can call me Kiru or just Panda(man), It's up to you to decide! I'm a cosplayer from Quebec Canada. (So sorry for my english, I still learn) I cosplay since five years! My favorite cosplays are Luffy (One Piece), Luigi (Super Mario Bros.) and my Panda cosplay because I love Pandas *w*
  • Sho
    Facebook page ==(( ))== Hello my name is Sho, As you probably can see I am from Germany. I love playing video games and watching anime therefore I started with Cosplaying. Feel free to text me whenever you like, whether you do it here or on my facebook page is up to you.
  • Venezuela
    Hello my name is Anderson XD
  • Canada
    Hi, I'm a french Canadian cosplayer from Quebec. I love cosplay anime/manga and video games characters. ------> My facebook page:
  • Thailand
    Hi My name is: Kureo Cosplayer From Thailand Nice to meet you <3 ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ ●Page → ●twitter→ ● DA → ●IG → ● I@ Thank you for follow <3
  • Chile
    hi :3
  • France
    Hi :) I'm a French cosplayer and I hope progress in cosplay :) If you like my job, follow me ;) My Facebook page : My Instagram : My Deviantart : My Ko-fi : [NEW]
  • Japan
    ご覧頂き有難うございます。2014年4月に再登録しました。 ※コス活動を辞めました。今まで7,8年間程コス活動をしてきた思い出の場所としてこちらは残しておいてます。また今まで撮影して頂いた未編集の写真が沢山あるので編集してたまにupするかもしれません。 안녕하세요, 방문해 주셔 감사합니다.2014년 4월 28일에 재등록했습니다. 코스프레의 활동을 마쳤습니다. 이 페이지는 지금까지 7,8년간 정도 활동해 온 추억으로서 남기고 있습니다. 画像加工は物凄く低レベルで下手ながら全て自作で行っております。綺麗な加工写真に物凄く惹かれる野郎です。 □AMPLE!■
  • Viet Nam
  • Indonesia
    Hello, I'm Novita. I'm cosplayer from Indonesia. Please give me lot of love and please don't be shy to give an advice to me. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu ^^ Follow my Instagram : Visit my facebook :
  • Philippines
  • China
    sina weibo: Twitter: @naotoayanyan
  • Viet Nam
    Hi EveryOne. I'm Yagami. I'm 14. Nice to meet you alll. - Facebook:
  • Taiwan
    I am Taiwanese. I stand for Taiwan's lndependence. * 本人專頁: https\:// InstaGram: YouTsbe: * 40799 台中何厝郵局第191號信箱 P.O.BOX 191 Taichung Hecuo Taichung City 40799 Taiwan(R.O.C.) * 彩繪服務:插畫/紋身/傘面/布面/扇面/道具/肌肉.等 假髮服務:修剪/造型/染色/修復.等 彩妝服務:歐美/老/特效/時尚/仿.等 道具服務:飾品/道具.等 *歡迎來圖估價*