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    狐火でーす! 10代のコスプレイヤーです、よろしくお願いしまーす! Some cosplays are made by me。 次のコスプレ:Toga Himiko; Boku no Hero Academia ↓Other media↓ Instagram:
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    🇺🇸American cosplayer🇺🇸 😄Hello, nice to meet you😄 ✉️✉️ ❤Thank you for supporting me❤ ☞Instagram: _.yoru._ ☜
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    German cosplay beginner + artist ig: kitsxune
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    Hi!:D I'm a beginner cosplayer who is a part of 2 Broke Girls Cosplay duo from Poland :) I am manga & anime fan and a crazy cat lover who feel happy while sitting on a couch watching favourites shows, reading a book or drawing :) Instagram: Deviantart: Facebook:
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    这里cn玛奇朵(Macchiato) \(•u•)/ 来自中国的cosplayer 其实以画画为主 喜欢进击的巨人/黑塔利亚/凹凸世界/阳炎project 游戏主要阴阳师手游/决战平安京 lofter:13078945908 微博:非洲人玛奇朵 加请私信,欢迎扩列—!
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    Just enjoying these awesome cosplayers out there ^_^
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    ☆ Feel free to DM me, i love making new friends ☆ -FaQ - .Amateratsu comes from amaterasu the sun goddess (i was very into Okami, a game for ps2,wii and ps3) but that nickname was always taken so i decided to put a "t" in the middle. -Social Media- 【FB】 【Instagram】 Thanks for reading this!
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    Hi! Nice to meet you!! I am Arjun, from Philippines. I enjoy doing cosplays, making my props, editing my photos, etc .. ✮ Hope you like my works!! ;) --- Facebook : shiroganedesu Twitter: @shiroganedesu World Cosplay : shiroganedesu Cosplayers Global: shiroganedesu
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    趣味でコスプレをしている学生レイヤーです(*’ω’*) 活動は少ないですが、好きな作品を気ままにコスしてます! 宜しくお願いします(´▽`)
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