bdrc (Rico Lee)
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    想當年和同學一起下坑永不回頭,現在懶癌深重甚至工作原因目前一年只能出一次場次 生日當天才開賬號的奇葩,打算遲些找回舊圖po上來 目前追著happy sugar life,沉迷於DMMD之中 聲優方面是鳥海浩輔控 想不到要寫什麼 就這樣吧!((( _____________________________ 想当年和同学一起下坑永不回头,现在懒癌深重甚至工作原因目前一年只能出一次场次 生日当天才开账号的奇葩,打算迟些找回旧图po上来 目前追着happy sugar life,沉迷于DMMD之中 声优方面是鸟海浩辅控 想不到要写什么 就这样吧(((
  • Canada
    I started cosplaying in 2007 and I came a long way since then, lots of good thing happened to me, some less good, made some great friends, lost some along the way but this is all part of the game! You can follow my cosplay page: You can also support me via Ko-fi
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    Hi! I'm a cosplayer from Quebec, Canada. Sadly, I don't have a lot of free time so I can't work on my cosplay as much as I would like, but I do cosplay once in a while. Anyways, thanks for visiting my page. Oh yeah, my first language is French and sometimes my English can be a little bizarre, sorry about that! :P
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    i love making original cosplay and costumizing . facebook accnt .@ instagram accnt @
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    Hi everyone, I'm Martina! Italian cosplayer since 2009 Currently studying in Florence You can find me here: Facebook page: Deviantart: Instagram: Tumblr: Support me at: Ko-Fi: Wishlist:
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    Facebook page: Facebook :
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    此生無悔入東方 來世願生幻想鄉 不可視境界線找尋途中
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    Hello, I'm Vexå L., a cosplayer from France, I would like to make a lot of friends here ! Thank you for supporting me ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ ♡ Instagram ♡ ♡ Twitter ♡ ♡ FB ♡ ♡ Mail ♡
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