HoodooQueens (DakotaDawnieWitch)
United States
Hi adorable peeps cause I'am Dakota 24 year old black trans & my creepy witchy ladyboy twin sister is Dawnie
24 yearold black trans & we are spooky sinister bisexual horror movie fanatic goths new to The Austin,Texas area & we are even newer to cosplay & last but not least our favorite anime shows include Bleach,Soul Eater,Blue Demon Exorcist,Familia Arcana,Vampire Knight,Vampire D Hunter,Hellsing,Castelvania,Black Butler,Sailor Moon now may the deities bless you all.
  • WorldCosplay No.798814
  • NicknameHoodooQueens
  • Gender Male
  • Age 24
  • Country/RegionUnited States of America
  • Birthday 12/31
  • Elda
  • Yun
  • Reina
  • ハッピーライフ