Charles Chew
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  • Romania
    Hello,everyone.My nickname is Adriano or Libra from Romania.I like cosplayers support,friends,watching anime,playing video games and I am fan of sports.
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    My name is nai I'm Form Thailand nice to meet you Facebook
  • China
        ハィ!   ∧_∧  (*^ー^ (⌒⌒)  |_つつ\/  |  |   (ノ`J Hello everyone😋I am come from China.My cosname is Eva. Hope to become friends with you😘 Thank you very much🙇🏻‍♀️ 新浪微博 Twitter@luna_861117
  • Japan
    しっぽたんと申します!\(^o^)/ 好きな作品とことん撮影楽しみながらマイペースに活動しております!! Hello! My name is sippotan. I'm a Japanese Cosplay archive: Twitter:@sippotan83
  • Portugal
    Hi! I'm Luna🌓 I'm from Portugal Made to show my love for Cosplay ❤ Biginner😝!!! Thank you for your consideration & support!! ❤ --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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  • Russia
    Hi everyone, I'm Finnian I'm cosplayer from Russia I'll be very glad, if you give mark to my works and tell me your opinion. Thank you!
  • Japan
    お目に留めていただきまして有難うございます。 活動拠点は関西中心に、体力と時間が許す限り戦国BASARAを愛でていく所存です。 衣装は専ら手作り派。型紙は割といい加減ですが愛と勇気で形になってます。不思議。 特に造形は面白くて塗装が苦手ながらに奮闘中。でも怪し気な重装備が点在している部屋には家族すら呼べませんどうしよう。^^ ジョブ:冒険家(冒険し過ぎてよく失敗しています) 【Cosplayers Archive】 【Twitter】 英語は…話せません!_(X3ノ∠)_ 翻訳サイトとにらめっこしながら文章を組み立てるのできっと変な英語になってると思いますが、そのときは優しく教えてやってください…(汗) I can't speak English but I will do my best so thanks for your consideration.
  • Russia
    My name is Faritio. I like cosplay, games. arts and other more interesting things. I glad to see you here <3 My instagram @faritio.ri My vk (
  • Philippines
    Hi! I'm Judy, cosplayer from Philippines! Figure Collector | Amateur Crafter Main fandom: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Follow/Add me on my other social media account > Facebook: Judy Kujo > Instagram: @mrs.cujoh > Twitter: > CG:
  • Japan
    Updated date:September 20,2018 Thank you for seeing my profile. I am a cosplayer active in Japan. I participate in the event with my husband and my son. Languages ​​other than Japanese are not good at it, but thank you. Furthermore, I am very happy if you follow me. ARCHIVE(Mainly updated in Japanese) The costumes I have and others
  • Japan
    Cosplaying as Char Aznable, ♡Gundam (6th year on Instagram: @to_run01, single) ━━━━ シャア・アズナブルのコスプレイヤー、♡ガンダム (インスタグラム6年目: @to_run01、独身)