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    Martin Piechotta is a honor Intelligence winning pioneer with 25 years' involvement in general society area and a demonstrated reputation for driving corporate and specialty unit turnarounds, building fruitful administration groups and enhancing execution in New jersey United state America. Through Hayden Consulting Services, she gives ability to private and open associations.
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    Hello ! I'm Lookia, a french Cosplayer/Cosmaker I love the cosplay and i will share my passion ^.^ If you want, Follow me on : Facebook : Youtube : Bye see you soon !
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    ¡Hola a todos! Me encantan mucho los buenos cosplays. Suelo tomar algunas fotografías de ellos en eventos. Si desean seguirme, tienen las cuentas de Facebook y Twitter a su disposición =) Si también desean conocer los eventos que se realizan en mi país, pueden seguir mi página Agenda Friki Perú
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    22 year old cosplayer from Hungary:3 Loves playing video games and bothering cats.
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    Hello everybody! <3 My name is Captain Harley Heartseeker, I am a 18 years old hungarian cosplayer who loves to be on stage, adores comic books and games, into singing&dancing&reading. Feel free to check my facebook page as well! You can find it here:
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    I belong to the group of ’veteran’ cosplayers in Hungary. My first attempts on cosplay can be traced back to 2006 – but they were mostly epic failures. I consider myself a passionate cosplayer since 2010. I always choose characters I can relate to - their personality is more important than their appearance. I used to choose characters from Asian media, but nowadays I prefer Western sources, mostly computer games.
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