I am a Harlingen, TX based designer and a technologist. I love to explore new reading topics on kala jadu symptoms. I continually study and learn new topics, experiment with new media and technologies, and openly develop and share my own writings, tools or processes.I moved to USA in 2006, where I have a genuine love and appreciation for all my creativity.
  • WorldCosplay No.763683
  • 성별 여성
  • 국가Principat d'Andorra
  • AuraRinoa
  • Victor Lockhart
  • Kisiel
  • 秀吉
  • Mekachima
  • Seiran Kisaragi 如月晴嵐
  • Khainsaw
  • 水姬花花
  • Jet
  • Iris Afasia Cosplay
  • Shiguma Aika
  • Natsuki Jiro
  • 小衣