reika2011 (REIKA)
  • Hong Kong
    這邊是香港cosplayer 伏見惠理子 Cos 齡2年多 主坑無雙系列 ,最終幻想和K 動畫 本命是禮猿和曹荀郭 丕司馬 請多多指教 歡迎關注 > _ < FB: F.Eriko 惠理子 Cosplay IG:fushimi_eriko Here is Hong Kong cosplayer , Fushimi Eriko Have been done cosplay for more than 2 years Mainly focus on Dynasty warriors series ,Final Fantasy series and Anime K Reisaru ,Cao Cao x Xun Yu x Guo Jia and Cao Pi x Sima Yi are my favorite couples Nice to meet you ! >_ <
  • Brazil
    Hello, I really like cosplay, and I want to do a lot of different anime, I want to be a famous cosplayer. Please follow me and tell your friends to follow me. こんにちは、私はコスプレが本当に好きです。私は多くのアニメをしたい、有名なコスプレイヤーになりたいです。私に従って、あなたの友達に私に従うように伝えてください。 Facebook Page ( Instagram (
  • Canada
    Hi everyone! I hope you like what I do! ■Instagram:
  • Canada
    Hello! Welcome to my page. My name is Tao Tao. I'm a coser based in Canada. Nice to meet you all~
  • Russia
    I'm cosplayer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Since 2007 I fall in love with Slayers anime and started roleplaying and cosplaying. I never cosplay different characters from the same title/fandom but I really like making different costumes of my characters. DA: Facebook: VK: Instagram:
  • LYT
  • Italy
    Hi! my name is Laura, nice to meet you! Follow me on instagram on Facebook on twitter @Midori-san00
  • Japan
  • Italy
    I love japan love undertaker (by kuroshitsuji) love victorian age love gothic love anime love cosplay love japan leanguage love neko love inu love sakura love ramen, sushi and dorayaki
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • Spain
    Hi! I´m Alice, a cosplayer/crossplayer and cosmaker from Spain since 2012 I hope you like my cosplay, I love japanese, idol and mobage cosplay I draw a lot and play phone games too Also feel free to talk with me in English or Spanish! Twitter: @AliceKwaii DA: Facebook:
  • Chile
    Hi! I'm Gaby a chilean cosplayer I made all of my cosplays by myself and I really enjoy it! Sheck also my facebook page
  • Réunion
    Hello ! I'm a French cosplayer :) Welcome in my world :D Instagram : Snapchat : blondiecosplay Facebook : Photo de couverture : Olivier Brézé (Kagura ~ Gintama (Arc Yoshiwara) Photo de profil : Gabriel Toulcanon (Yuno (Genderbend) ~ Black Clover)
  • Taiwan