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  • United States
    Hi.I am an Irish Italian American. I'm 3rd generation to be born in the US from those two countries. I am gunpla builder, youtuber i am still new to cosplay. I manly do gundam, sailor moon, and original characters cosplay. Besides cosplay I am a dog sitter. my wedding was at Wasabicon
  • Russia
    Cosplayer and сrafter from Russia. My contacts: My group:
  • Philippines
    Hi I'm Yuri Nanami! I'm a fudanshi, cosplayer and lolita from the PH~! 🐯 Thank you for visiting my profile. I hope you would like my cosplay. For more cosplay photos please visit my FB page:
  • Indonesia
    Hello~ InDi RealKei here~ ^-^)/ I'm Indonesian cosplayer~ I do cosplay since 2010 and still try my best to improve my skill.. >_< Nice to meet you~ (9*-*)9 ------------------ Follow me on Instagram for my daily updates ^-^)/ : Facebook:
  • Indonesia
    ~hello, i'm kugatsu setiawan but you can call me setiawan, i'm newcomer cosplayer from indonesia. Nice to meet you. ^^ Follow my account in : FB : IG : kugatsu77
  • Indonesia
    こんにちは (*>_<*)ノ I'm Kay from Indonesia (*´ω`*) part-timer cosplayer Make my debut at 2013 but recently not into cosplay right now *lol but next year (2016) I'll make some new project so boku wa ganbarimasu :D ig: itsvkx let's be friend minna (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ よろしくおねがいします ε≡≡ヘ( ´Д`)ノ
  • Indonesia
    My Name is Sachi I'm from Indonesia fb: ig:
  • Thailand
    Hello!!! My name is Yami IG : Asami Yami I love Cosplay 😘 I come from Thailand nice to meet you~~♡
  • 1
    hello ! sorry i'm not good with human ^^'
  • Indonesia
    call me yoseph kun. im just being have fun with my cosplay hobby. . cause . if you get enjoy and make it in fun, no matter who and what chara you have been cosplayed, you'll feel good . fufufufuf.
  • Indonesia
    I'm Indonesian Cosplayer i'm Javanese I Live in Surakarta middle java Indonesia love Japan culture, anime, martial art, music, etc my dream some day i will go to japan.and meet Monkey D. Luffy :D Instagram = Line : komar94
  • Philippines
    Hi!~ I am Kasu. I love Heisuke x Saito of Hakuouki. <3 I also love Danganronpa ( SDR2, DR0, etc.), Baka to Test, Death Note, Love Live, Horimiya, and many mooore~