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  • China
    不会放弃对cosplay的喜爱!! 影响最大的作品是【封神演义仙界传】和【秀逗魔导士】 吾爱忍野忍~ 新浪微博@姬丝秀兔 谢谢您的喜欢和支持(·ω·)
  • J
    Hi, welcome to my page! I hope you like my cosplays. ^_^ Thank you for watching and favorites! ♡ Deviantart:
  • Russia
    Hello! My Name Is Yulia. Nice to meet you, dear ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡ I'm cosplayer from Russia. In cosplay since 2012. I am also a chartered graphic designer. Welcome to my page (⌒▽⌒)☆ Other pages (´。• ω •。`) ♡ ♠♠ Links ♠♠ ♠♠♠INSTAGRAM ♠♠♠ Deviant ♠♠♠VK ♠♠♠TWITTER
  • United States
    Known about cosplay since in middle school when I was 12. Heh. Actual cosplaying didn't really happen until some years later in high school. I spent time before hand researching what I wanted to do. Big fan of League of Legends, Vocaloids, and Don't Starve. F.B.- IG: @sakurablizzard Twitter: @Sakura_Blizzard
  • China
    cn淮猎。 Cosplay name:Halier。 我喜欢化妆、摄影等。一个默默修炼技能的人。比较害羞,不是很爱说话,但是还是很希望和大家开开心心做朋友哒! I like makeup, photography and learning. Although I am more shy not love to speak, still hope to make friends with you 微博Weibo:
  • Japan
    Rene/ルネ 創作好き Talk to me anytime, please!! site「R*W」 → Archive →
  • Malaysia
    SumiSora 澄空 只是一个小小的coser , SumiSora 澄空 请多多指教! A cosplayer form Malaysia, thank you for liking my photos. FB : FB page : IG :
  • Japan
    JAPAN(日本)で活動中の Shino.しのと申します(__) 活動ジャンルは うたのプリンスさまっ♪ 黒執事 銀魂 SLAM DUNK マクロスF VOCALOID ヴァンパイア騎士 ファイナルファンタジー零式 ヤングブラックジャック etc... Twitter @shino8570 +? welcome!!^^
  • Germany
  • France
    Hello everyone!~ Nice to meet you and i hope you like my cosplay =>0<= I come from the south of France and i doing cosplay since 2011!! height: 156cm Bloos type: O+ Favorite games: Onmyoji, WoW, FF.... my page: © Any using of the photography for commercial purposes and photo-manipulations are strictly prohibited without my consent. Reposting is allowed, provided credits and links.
  • Brazil
    Hello, my name is Kaya and I'm a Brazilian cosplayer. FB:
  • France
    Hello, I'm French cosplayer since 2011 ~ My fandom: Yuri on Ice (my baby *-*), Undertale, Touken Ranbu, Nitro+Chiral games, Mystic Mesenger, Kuroko no Basuke, Haikyuu!! , Shingeki no kyojin ^^ Nice to meet you and enjoy ~ Page Facebook: Insta: MymiKyu/MymiWoshi Deviantart:
  • Taiwan
    Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: 凜夜 台灣人/ 現住美國/ 北加州COSER/ 新手攝影(只拍親友)/ 男角居多/ 女角為SSR機率 中文 OK, 英文OK, 日文OK! Rinya Taiwanese/ Live in USA/ NorCal Cosplayer/ beginner photography/ mostly male character, rarely female Chinese OK. English OK, Japanese OK! 凛夜(リンヤ) 台湾人・アメリカに住んでる・北カリフォルニアのコスプレヤー 中国語OK、英語OK、日本語OK!
  • Italy
    Kon'nichiwa! \(^▽^*)(*^▽^)/ I'm KuroOkami,I’m half Italian and half Colombian,so i can speak Italian and Spanish! ^^ I love Anime-Manga! <3 I hope you like my Cosplays and nice to meet you! \(^///^)/ And sorry for my bad English! XP I hope to make new Cosplayers Friends! o(≧▽≦)o Sayonara! (´ε` )♡ You can follow me: DA: Insta: FB:
  • Brazil
    Hi, Im Bruno! I do cosplay sometimes and I study archeology, I live in the south of Brazil.