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  • United States
    Young autistic adult who enjoys cosplating various fandoms. I love to take pictures, go to conventions, meet new folks, traveling and playing games. My favorite fandoms are Spider-Man, Fate series, Naruto, Halo, Star wars and Avengers. Ty for taking the time to look at my page and mini bio. Enjoy ^^
  • Philippines
    Hello everyone. I am a cosplayer since 2016, I love cosplaying because its make me happy and helps me to improve my self in socializing with other people because I am so introvert in person. If its ok I would like take advise from you in your cosplay experience to make me a good cosplayer too. Lets all be friends and add me in facebook just search -> lelouchrenzdale
  • South Korea
    Pretty boy cosplay main
  • China
    名称:仰青 (´ω`●)Hello, everyone My name is yangqing I was a male Coser I like Cosplay very much I hope to have more people like me cosplay これはLingの個人word cosplay!!普通の最新のcosplay写真はミニブログ不定期更新みんな好きな希望 下面是社群網站 web Link ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ① INSTAGRAM: ② Twitter:
  • Russia
    Hello there ?
  • China
    Hello! Welcome to my homepage!! I'm natsuyin,from guangxi, China. Although I still have many shortcomings in cosplay, and my English is not very good. But I really want to make friends with everyone! 这里是一只叫作夏因的小透明,主混刀男和网王,欢迎同事们扩!!!! ins:natsuyin Love: 刀剑乱舞Touken Ranbu 网球王子Prince of tennis Thank you very much for your reading! love you!!\(≧▽≦)/
  • United States
    Hi everyone. I'm PinkyKat... ?
  • Brazil
    Welcome to my page! Deviantart: Facebook Page:
  • Portugal
    一…..二…..三…..四.....五…..六…..七…..八…九!!!! ミューズ!!! 音楽 START !!! My name is Myriam :) Nice to meet you <3 Just a lazy Cosplayer <3 <3 <3 hahaha Need take news Shoots <3 <3
  • United States
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  • Germany
    Germany, Berlin Twitter: Instergram : Facebook:
  • Malaysia
    Konnichiwa Minna san, here is Kudou! As a Videographer/ photographer and cosplayer! Facebook Page: SE Studio willing to share my photos and artwork over here! If any feedback or comments about my photo, just straight PM me! we can learn and improve together! Much Appreciate! BTW..............Nice to meet you too! :3
  • Thailand
    Hi! I'm a Thailand cosplayer. Nice to meet you ^^ My Profile Nickname : Natsuka My Link Twitter Page Facebook
  • Japan
    ゆるーくやっていこうかな? とりあえず艦これメインで色々とてを出してます。 よろしくお願いします。
  • Germany
    Tae here! I am still a beginner, but trying my very best! Hope that you enjoy my pictures ^-^ Cosplays 2019: Jeanne d'Arc (Fate) Violet Evergarden Acchan 13th (AKB0048) Conventions I'll be visiting 2019: Animuc Dokomi Japantag Düsseldorf / Japanday Japanfest München / Japanfestival Munich _________________ Links: instagram: __taelin Facebook: Taelin Cosplay