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  • Viet Nam
  • Viet Nam
    Artist // Sculptor // Photographer // Pianist // Guitarist // Cosplayer // Singer // Utaite Cosplaying since 2010 So sorry that my dead fish eyes ruined every photo haha !!! Visit my studio: https://facebook.com/moonlightstudioconcept/
  • SyriaTF French Southern and Antarctic Lands
  • United States
  • Indonesia
    Hallo i'm from Indonesia Let's be friends Nice to meet you.
  • Germany
  • Myanmar
    Hello, I'm cosplayer from Myanmar. Loves anime, games, j-pop, vocaloid, drawing, sewing, doing handmades. To follow my facebook page => https://www.facebook.com/LittleSister94/ My instagram acc name => Little sister
  • Viet Nam
  • United States
    I am a Kansas based digital designer with 10 years of experience working within the field. I am a member of St Martins College of Art and Design alumni with a Masters degree in Digital Media. I have come from a diverse background in fine and applied arts. Last year I read a book about Lal Kitab Totke to Get Boyfriend Back. I had a desire to plunge into the digital world. https://bit.ly/2SjJ4oY
  • Indonesia
    Hello! Welcome to my page, I’m very happy to have you here! I’m 妃姫花(Kisaki Himeka) also known as Testarossa, I’m from Indonesia and I love to cosplay ❤️
  • Indonesia
    I am Alison and I live in Fort Worth. This time I am working in a company as an assistant cook. One day I read a book and I found a book which is about Vashikaran specialist astrologer in Hyderabad. I really don’t know about astrology. But rather then I read this book and I really enjoyed this. I enjoy overcoming challenges, and I have a genuine interest in Business Management and making organizations successful. https://bit.ly/2Km5uES
  • RAC
  • United States
    Hi, I am working in Washington as a tile setter. I apply hard tile, marble, and wood tiles to walls, floors, and other surfaces. Prior to my job I work with Luxury Car Rental South Beach. Experienced in the art of Installing tile and marble is labor intensive. Like me my workers spend much of their time bending, kneeling. https://bit.ly/2i8iXm9
  • United States
    Earned praised for my work developing country music in Atlantic City, NJ. In 2009 I was getting to know about Exotic Car Rental Boston, Massachusetts. Spent 2001-2006 getting to know ice cream in the UK. Spent college summers testing the market for toy trucks in Cuba. Managed a small team investing in squirt guns for no pay. Garnered an industry award while building magma in Phoenix, AZ. http://bit.ly/2Eo46eb
  • France
    Coser from France, I am カエラン / CAELAN! Questions, event planning, collaborations 質問、イベント企画、コラボ 질문을,이벤트 기획,공동 maccaecspl.inquiries@gmail.com ▴ SNS ▴ Instagram ➝ https://www.instagram.com/maccaesplay_/ Twitter ➝ https://twitter.com/obacae_draws YouTube ➝ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxH8UymsTTJPjhBbQrDuMNQ Facebook ➝ https://www.facebook.com/maccaesplay/ ____________________________________ Thank you for your support! 応援してくれてありがとうございます! 응원해 주셔서 감사합니다!
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    Spent college summers importing weed whackers in the financial sector.Spent 2001-2006 working with swimming pools designer Katy Tx .Handled the tasks of taking up preventive measurements for maintenance of building, pool, spa and common areas. Analyzed results of operations for substantial gains and more efficient utilization of resources. https://bit.ly/2uzOYKs