Izu (Takeru Izumo)
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    Artist // Sculptor // Photographer // Pianist // Guitarist // Cosplayer // Singer // Utaite Cosplaying since 2010 So sorry that my dead fish eyes ruined every photo haha !!! Visit my studio: https://facebook.com/moonlightstudioconcept/
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    ★个人主页: http://weibo.com/jinjiangjiasite ★作品展示: http://bcy.net/cn113856 ★叔系女子、萌点奇怪、孤高、超小只的冷门控。 ★喜欢 : Superbia·Squalo(√);Kaito(√);Megpoid(√);镜音双子(√);冰酒(√);Team OS(√);VOCALOID(√);KHR(√);BLEACH(√);EVA(√);Lolita Fashion(√)。 ★coser★摄影★妆娘★裁缝★ Hi,I'm JUST。 A Chinese cosplayer。 Nice to meet you。
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    ?Cosplayer| Propmaker ?Tokusatsu Lover | Super Hero lover ?Metalhead | Guitarplayer ?Fitness Adict Follow me as: Instagram: @maskedheromad Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maskedherooficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/maskedheromad Check my Photographer Account : https://worldcosplay.net/member/mardav_photo
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    喜欢可爱的小姐姐~ Gundam死忠粉 喜欢所有的机战动画
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    Hye, I am Karen from the USA. I am working as a health educator. I teach people about behaviors that promote wellness. I like to read novels and books of new topics. A few days ago I read a topic named love marriage specialist in chandigarh which is very interesting. I implement strategies to improve the health of communities. https://bit.ly/2KQq9AB
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    Hi! My name is Benito. If you are reading this is cause you want to know something about me. Don't mind me that much, I'm not that interesting. If you insist, I'm a level 38 nerd guy, lvl 20 software developer and lvl 3 father. I'm just following a few rules: I see Megumin -> I like I see Mordred -> I like I like a cosplay -> I hit the like button. If I like a few cosplays of a profile -> I follow.
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    I work as a Farm Product Inspector in Allied Radio company. I'm a born in India and currently, I live in Los Angeles, the USA with my family. I love to spend my free time writing books or stitching. I have collected all types of articles and storybooks. Last week read Reconciliation Spell For Wife Back blog on the internet. It a very interesting and heart touch topic for me. https://bit.ly/2HMgZSh
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