Mayu Matsuken
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    I am a cosplayer from Germany that likes to cosplay cute and sexy characters from games or anime ^~^ If you want to see more of my cosplays, please check out my pages: Facebook: Instagram:
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    Facebook: animexx: _Sky_ instagram: skys_heaven
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    THANK YOU FOR FOLLOW,LIKES AND COMMENTS. Your support is VERY appreciated <3 Hi I'm Camilla! I'm an italian cosplayer since 2013 ^U^ I like manga,anime, cosplay and drawing. Cosplayer,Drawer,Sweet Lolita,Gamer,Nerd I hope you'll like my cosplay! (^u^)/ DEVIANTART: FACEBOOK PAGE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @alastian_cos
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    I love cosplay!
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    大家好~我是來自台灣的coser 日希 這是我的Cos FB: 日希 cos目標Inori全坑/// .... (但出角烏龜慢就是lol 喜歡的作品其實很多就是WWW 像是YGO、Fate、心靈判官、小圓 、鋼鍊、魯魯修、飛輪、紀錄的地平線、進擊的巨人............ (好像有點多....((自我檢討ing..........orz""""" 不過因為祈要出的太多~所以....cos坑應該主要會陷在罪惡王冠坑裡面出不去吧(?) ((這地獄大坑啊啊啊啊Q^Q" 總之~我會努力把祈出好的~還請大家多多指教 :D ((偷求狠評&如何改善的教學~W"""
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    在下是雪兒凜子是也 我是在2016年8開始玩Cosplay請大家多多指教 大家好,我係來自香港的Cosplayer的雪兒凜子,我同時也是新CNP組合的成員,我主要的工作是同人插畫丶電玩和Cosplay,請大家多多指教和喜歡我的Cos作品!我的目標是加入9RUSH及V-porject 的組合及站在同一個舞台。 中文:雪兒凜子 英文:Ciel Rinko 職業:屯門展亮學生 Cosplay歷:2年 電玩歷:12年 第一次Cos角色:大和守安定(刀剣乱舞) 喜愛的動漫:女神異聞錄5 喜愛的動漫角色:佐倉雙葉 Facebook: 雪兒凜子-粉絲專頁: Cosp: Pixiv:
  • Hungary
    Hi! :) I'm not big fun of reading manga but I really like watching anime. My all time favourite is Dragon ball. I love travelling. I have been in Japan several times. I visited the Comiket 87 and 89, where I started to be interested in cosplay. If you want to chat feel free to message me. ;)
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