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    Just Rosossisia
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    大家好 這裡是台湾coser CN夜冥/Yieh Ming/安羽 目前cos磷葉石/信濃藤四郎/師走驅 請多指教了 FB: Twitter:
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    Hi~ I'am Cosplayer from Indonesia. I cosplaying character I loved the most. And still hope could make a better work tomorrow. Nice to know you all!!! Lot's of love <3 Instagram : @dnagrin Facebook : dnagrin.cosplay
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    Hi everybody! I come from city of Odessa, Ukraine. I speak English, German and a bit French. I like to watch anime very much. Also I am fond of building some cosplay props with everything that comes to my hands, especially weapons. That`s why I like to make props from anime I liked most =) That`s my hobby. Some time later, I`ll probably make a real cosplay.
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    大家好!我是 翼空 !現居新加坡的芋頭蕃薯載仔~ 請大家多多指教~ Hello! I'm Juliko Azolino, currently based in Singapore cosplayer and artist! CosFB: ArtFB: Instagram: @iko.cosplay Thanks for visiting and nice to meet you! Deep appreciation for like/follow my worldcosplay here and my fb <3 I can speak English and Chinese, so please feel free to drop me a message! Love <3