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    My name is Yume.My namecos is Shinoe.I'm cosplayer from Thailand. IG:Angelia_YumeGirlz. FB: I'm a model and thai goodwill ambassador 2017 Thank you to follow .I will upload soon. If you want to know.Please chat with me. <3
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    Hello!!! Thank you for visiting my profile! I like: anime, manga, cosplay, karaoke I'm still new here, so please take care of me~ ^///^
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    Helloooo! I'm Julie Chan! I came from the Philippines! I love Animes, Games & such! Especially the Cosplayers! Twitter / FB / Instagram: 私は彼らを愛しています! 私は真剣にやる ! ❤ ^O^ ❤
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    Helloooooo! Call me Mari (Mar-ree)! Cosplayer since 2012. All support is loved and appreciated greatly~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
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    (>v<)/ hi~