José Maruseru (maruseru)
  • Japan
    好きなものを楽しんでます。 昔より守備範囲は広がったものの、どっちかというと狭く深くです。 同じ作品やキャラをくり返し着ることも多いです。 男装も女装も人外も全部好き。 Hello! I'm Japanese cosplayer. I draw for a hobby. Nice to meet you!
  • Brazil
    Hey you, It's Clarice! But i can call me Cla if you prefer. I'm a such big fan of comics and cartoons and a chocolate and wigs addicted! I'm gonna be a great teacher and comic writer one day, you will see :3 You can see moar of my cosplays in
  • Taiwan
    你好OωOノシ 這裡是八稚! よろしくお願いします! Plurk: Twitter:
  • Hungary
    ஜ Welcome to my ωơŋđεяℓąŋđ. ஜ ★ My name is Daiya. ★ I'm a hungarian girl with big dreams. ★ I love cosplaying. ★ I'm 19 years old. ★ If you like my work, please follow my page. ★
  • Chile
    Soy cosplayer novata, me gusta lo que hago y me esfuerzo en ello :) Soy de Arica/Chile ^^
  • Japan
    はじめまして艶兎(つやと)です♪ ★サークル名【Glossy Rabbit】でコスプレROMを製作しています ★コスプレROM製作ブログ(露出注意)↓ ★Boothさん ★DLげっちゅさん ※自家通販は行っておりません。DL販売かイベント頒布のみです ★ツイッター ROM関係・本アカウント(@tsuyato) サブ垢・男装アカウント(@tsuyato_F) ★お仕事のご依頼・ROMの不具合は までお願い致します。 詳しいプロフや注意はアーカイブ参照→
  • Taiwan
    Main Site Name: 【 Celestial Sphere 天*體*運*轉 】 Main Site URL: 【】 Site Master: 【 娑羅 ( SARA ) 】 DA: 【 】 Lofter: 【 】 tumblr: 【 】
  • EL
    South Korea
    Nice to meet you:) I`m cosplayer from korea. Thank you for visits and follows.
  • United Kingdom
    Hi, I'm Toni, a UK cosplayer. ⭐️ I've been on and off cosplaying since 2007. 🤓 Thank you for your likes and support. 💖 Check out my other cosplay pages: instagram: @clevernoisecosplay 💎 FB: 🎮 e-mail: 👩‍🎤
  • Philippines
    Hi! I'm Nova, just nova [^_^]v I'm from Cebu, Philippines. ♥ I want to be friend with all of you. I do my best effort for my cosplay. I hope you will like my cosplay and stuffs. I do my make ups and I also make props for my cosplay *some of it tho. ☺ If you like my cosplay, please click ♥ and follow me. Thank you •••
  • United States
    Sup! ^-^ some stuff about me i guess: [] recently graduated college! [] favorite color is yellow [] first time cosplay was in 2009, fell in love with cosplay ever since [] Into: cosplay, crafts, video games, anime, Cons Etc... soo yeah, i guess u could say i'm a full out geek XD [] anime cons i've been to: [Animazement 2009-13 & 15] would love to meet some new friends PLAYSTATION [ BriRB or Britnyb1] DEVIANTART [ ]
  • Russia
    Good day! My name is Laren. I am a Russian cosplayer. I'd be happy to maintain communication with you. I in social networks: Instagram: Tvitter: Facebook YouTube: Favorite cosplayers:
  • Brazil
    Brazilian Cosplayer Disney, Fievel Just starting on Cosplaying
  • China
    你好,我是蓝子来自中国浙江,热爱COSPLAY,希望和朋友们分享更多的作品和心得。O(∩_∩)O Hello! I'm lucy (Chinese ID name is "lan zi" ) form ZheJiang ,China.I love cosplay very much. I like to take my photos and experience to share with you. 我喜欢做手工,尽已所能自制道具和假发,并且喜欢动手加工素服等。>///////< I like "DIY".I often do my best to make the props and wig by myself.And I like processing clothing.
  • Nek
    I am from Russia. I make cosplay costumes, wigs and make-up.I love being on stage and photographed WCS team Russia 2014 and 2014 champion of World Cosplay Summit Support my work on Patreon DA Facebook Instagram
  • Japan
    閲覧ありがとうございます。ヒカルです。 戦闘系アニメが大好き!コスも戦闘ものが多いです。 やりたいジャンルをやりたいときに!派です。 最近、アクションの勉強を始めました。 コスプレしてアクションしてる動画を上げたりしていますので、良かったらアーカイブやtwitterに観に来て下さいね。 戦闘系コスプレパフォーマー目指して頑張ります(๑ゝω・ิ)ノ☆゚+. Thank you for viewing! My name is Hikaru. Let's enjoy cosplay! Archive twitter COSCREW