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    Hello! I'm Lexx. And here I present cosband called "zapasnoyvihod/emergencyexit". If you like our cosplay, please, follow us:
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    Hello everyone! I'm cosplayer from Saint-Petersburg. Follow me at: INSTAGRAM DEVIANTART PATREON TWITCH FACEBOOK TUMBLR TWITTER ASK
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    Hi everyone im KC nice to meet you here. My favorite anime is One Piece
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    I'm Won1toKnowRU18. I'm in Akron Ohio USA. "I'm an Amateur Artist, Photographer, Audio Video-Photographer." I'm seeking Ladies only, ages 21 to 60 all shapes and sizes. Mature ladies desired but not required for the positions & or work available. I'm seeking Ladies with & with out prior experience in non-nude and or nude modeling photography and or acting & or Video photography. Thank you for your time and for reading my bio message me any time at
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    Hi we are Tsuneko Cos, a group of 3 girls that started cosplaying in 2013. A litle about the members of our Grup ;P 1st: Akira -> she is the leader of our group and managed most of the sozial media pages xD 2nd: Hime -> she keeps the group together and always holds us back when we get to crazy 3rd: Momo -> She is the youngest of us but has the biggest talent in Drawing and Make up. She is kind of shy but cute :3 feel free to write us we always hope to meet new friends (^w^)
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    Hi, I'm Akira Akasato, a cosplayer in Japan. I'd love to talk about Cosplay with many people! I hope you like my cosplay photos! Feel free to follow and comment:) I can speak Japanese and English. 朱都あきらといいます。 関東中心に好きな作品をのんびりやってます♫ 日本語、英語ともに話せます(*´ω`*) Thanks for reading:) [Facebook] [twitter] @caroline992424 [Archive] 219625 [instagram] akira_akasato [tumblr]
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    Hello everyone Im a portuguese cosplayer since 2014. Many of my cosplays are bought, random pieces or comissioned by friends - i dont have problems admiting that! There is no shame! Im commited to learn to sew! Check my facebook page: and my insta: Fan of the nordic gods - that is why Freyja. History college student I love books, music, opera and animals (horses for life).
  • Colombia
    "Hi. My name is Min Kyu. I'm beginning in cosplaying, but I put all my love in each one of my suits & props. I'm willing to receive advices and give them to whoever needs them, in order to surely improve with each one. welcome to my page."