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    thank you very much for all comment & stamps♥ ご観覧ありがとうございます! 戦国BASARA、fate/zero、ジョジョが大好きな韓国のレイヤーです。 最近は弱虫ペダルにはまっています!巻ちゃん可愛い!大好き!! 日本語全然おkですので何かございましたらお気軽にどうぞ(^-^) 관람 감사합니다! 최근 토마키에 덕통사고 당한 쉬운 여자입니다 잘 부탁드려요^ㅇ^
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    汉语/한국어/EN 微博:weibo.com/huaminnie ASK:ask.fm/huaminnie
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    我是ailisa~~~cn枫夜木寒月~~来自大草原上的道具师!~漫画渣绘师 爱做道具的舞台党~cosplayer~~~~~
  • Malaysia
    Hello~ Nice to meet you~ ^^ I hope I can keep improving on my cosplay! Looking forward to meeting new friends >w< Cure ID : 345322
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    ハイキュー!!やALL OUT!!といったスポーツ物やペルソナ3を中心にアトラスのATMやってます。 男装メインで女装もたまに。
  • Chile
    -Hello ^^ I'm a Chilean cosplayer, I really like the maho shojo *-* If they want to talk to me leave here my twitter , instagram and facebook <3 -Hola ^-^ soy una cosplayer chilena,me gusta mucho el maho shojo *-* Si quieren hablar conmigo dejo aquí mi twitter,facebook e instragram <3 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/uzumi_suzuki INSTAGRAM: ardi_uzu FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/KabukiCosplayTeam?fref=ts
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    Hi minna-san I'm Floren from Buenos Aires . I'm cosplayer and Here are some pictures of my cosplays. Thanks for your visit! Hope you like!! :D
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    20 | english speaking | sarcastic | 10th nov | pansexual | artist | aspergers | gamer | cats | bands | hair dye | anime | piercings Instagram - omgitsalice
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    I am one of the Otaku in the world the reason why i love anime is the idea of a fantasy world and a life i like it to be. It's way better than a real with all the stresses, responsibility and selfish peoples. For me, Cosplay is a great way to express ur self through ur favorite anime. I love Cosplay photography. I've been interested in it for more than a year now and it's getting better and better
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    安安,這裡是勇者(^口^)/ 喜歡交朋友,有點害羞內向,希望可以認識大家❤ ▶興趣:cosplay/吃喝玩樂/動畫/電玩/睡覺(?) ▶遊戲:League of Legends (LOL英雄聯盟) FB:https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003753574444 近期:LOL一直線❤❤❤