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    Hello! My name is Anna. Cosplaying since 2011. All costumes,make-up and hairstyle are made ​​by me. Hope you like my works ^_^ Now I`m a part of "TopSoul" cosplay-band, There are 5 persons there: me Luno_O ( ISEEY0U Vatari Vij If you interested in our works, you can see more information here
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    こんにちわ、石榴です!どうぞよろしくお願いします! 香港人、女性、高校生。 Twitter:
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    安安這邊是嘉嘉(Kura) Plurk: FB: ASK: 歡迎同好搭訕戳戳>^< 加友前請友善私訊喔>~< Hi, I am Kura from Taiwan. Nice to meet you.
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    Hi my name is Almira :-) cosplayer from Philippines , nice to meet you and welcome to my profile ^^
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    Hi there! I'm a cosplayer from Portugal! Let's have some fun!! <3 Find me here: - Facebook: - DeviantArt: - Instagram: - Cure: Cure ID: janesilver Cure No.: 369562
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    hello My name is Zuki Nice to meet you Welcome to add friends! 大家好我是湮月 :) 最近開始COS 歡迎交流!喜歡交朋友 ★興趣:Cosplay/塗鴉/唱歌 【FanPage】湮月Zuki-cosplayer/431446013661814 【plurk】 【Mail】
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    Hallo , Call me Mel or Leggy :3 This my everything about my cosplay Hope you like this XD Thank you XD <3 Há lô mấy má , mấy má có rãnh hơi nhớ like + ủng cmn ngar hôm XD Mới dô nghề nên còn kém lắm :''> cos có dùy sai sót nhớ nhắc nhở nha nha :''>
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    반갑습니다! :) ♡ - Love Live! - Clamp - 京都アニメーション - Cyphers - Evangelion - Mekakucity Actors - etc..
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    Hi! I'm Flavia :D I'm nineteen years old and live in Italy :3 I cosplay for 4 years and I hope to improve even more ** I love Japan and its culture and for its food (*Q____* <3). My favorite manga is Naruto <3 and you see a lot in my cosplay XD I'm engaged to a wonderful girl <3 my sasuke <3 hmmm well I like Yaoi xD and I hope you like my cosplay =*v*= if you have any suggestions as well tell me *v* <3 Bye Bye ~ Dattebayo! Sorry for bad English xD My account on instagram: itachi_uchizaki
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    H i r o k i ( ˃ᆺ˂ ) I from Thailand ☆