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    Hello!! ^_^ I'm a cosplayer from Australia, let us have fun and be friends ~ <3
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    Hey~ My name is Lynn, and I am a cosplayer from the Netherlands. I'm pretty new to it, so please bear with me~!
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    Coser from China. Thank you! ---------------------------------------------- - SinaWeibo -
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    Cos新手鍊等中σ(o'ω'o) 鋼彈角色控-迷妹如我~我是迷妹 FB: Plurk:
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    喜歡的作品: ★咎狗之血 ★Free! ★DIBOLIK LOVERS ★amnesia失憶症 ★黑子的籃球 ★vocaloid ★ギルティクラウン ★PSYCHO-PASS ★K facebook: 半次元:
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    高中生ing。。 新手一只
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    hi i am a newbie in cosplay >w< facebook:kingsley tan
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    Viet Nam
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    大家好////我是奶茶<( ・ิω・ิ)ノシ3 我是來自香港的coser奶茶ww 會定期po cos照的<3 希望大家會喜歡我的cos照/// 雖然很崩!!我還是會加油的><!! I am milktea come from hongkong/// hope you will like me cosplay<3 if you like my cosplay welocome follow me^/q/^ fb: