Yibril san (Akira Yibril Ishtar)
~*~Cosplayer since 2009 ~*~

Since that time, when I began to have a little glow inside of me, I began also to dream that I could take part of this fantastic world...
I realized that I could follow this little dream and become it in photo memories, with a photo album that I could show to my friends and to my family.
Now I'm here, discovering this little and shiny place, where I wanna to continue my dream of create fantastic and precious memories, with my friends and beloved person.
  • WorldCosplay No.215741
  • 昵稱Yibril san
  • 性別 女性
  • 年齡 29
  • 國家/地區Estados Unidos Mexicanos
  • 蜜柑
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