reika2011 (REIKA)
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    Cosplayer, kpoper, dancer, artist, and an Arni's player. I start cosplaying way back high school.
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    Hello there, people! I'm Zeiko, cosplayer from Malaysia. I love cosplay, singing, dancing, play video games(especially Overwatch) and drawing. My favourite anime character is Yoshiko Tsushima, Nico Yazawa from Love Live! and Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill. My favourite cosplayer is Enako(MY WAIFU (´;ω;`), HIKARIN and Onnies. ♡ Drinks and food? I love Matcha Green Tea and curry noodle soup. ♡ FB: (Page) IG: @zeikoooo Twitter: @ZHZeiko
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    Taiwan Cosplayer 和夥伴一起收藏回憶的地方
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    我是来自中国的coser暮歌 欢迎大家关注我的新浪微博
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    Swiss cosplay 19 years, I have been cosplaying since the age of 12 years :D My Facebook with my dad cosplayer ! : Instagram: @corawui
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    Ensemble pour toujours.
  • Israel
    Hallo, My name is Shoham Campagnano. I'm a fashion designer and a cosplayer since 2016. I make all the costumes, props and makeup myself, and am always striving for improvement. I hope you enjoy my work! My facebook page (Also includes my dress designs):
  • Malaysia
    你好,我是Ayumi~马来西亚的新手coser. Hi, I'm Ayumi~ A newbie coser from Malaysia. FB: Lian Su Chin (Ayumi Cosplay) Insta:kity_cattt
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