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    Hi, I,m Cho From Indonesia
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    Hello My Name Cruz Hainzlave do not forget to Follow me ... Heheheh New Cosplayer n I Very very Like Anime Naruto
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    大家好 我是銀葉 陽(`・ω・´) Hi everyone,my name is gin-rifu you こんにちわ!僕はギンリーフです! 歡迎來到我的World Cosplay! Welcome to my World Cosplay! ようこそ、僕のWorld Cosplay! 是個新手,還請大家多多指教 ゚∀ ゚)// ゚∀゚)// Hope you'll like my cosplay and give me some opinion! みんなさんよろしくお願いします! ☆Facebook: (請先事先私訊否則一律不接受!) ☆粉專: ☆Plurk: (不常用注意) ☆
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    I'm an Indonesian cosplayer. I started this hobby from the end of 2013. My favorite characters are Saber Arturia and Makise Kurisu. I love this hobby a lot. fb: Misa Ari-nyan Rintarou (
  • yui
  • Malaysia
    你好~我是爱依纱~你也可以叫我依纱~ 我是一个新手噢~请多多指教~ Hi, I'm aiyisha~ u also can call me yisha~
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    Hi, there! I am Amaya, and most of my cosplay stuff is over on my page at I figured I'd come derp and share photos over here since everything looks so cool, and there are so many great cosplayers here!
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    Hello!My name is GYJ。 CN is 鸡歪君! Or you can call me Dana,too.I am the middle school student! Your advice are most welcome!