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    Hi, I'm Marco Palmieri, a Cosplay (hobbyist) Photographer based in Italy. Here are my other pages and profiles, check 'em out! FB Page: DeviantART:
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    Mexicana. 24. Historiadora. Multifandom. Algunas veces hago cosplay.
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    Hello, everyone, I'm Stella. I am currently a student working on getting my license for embalming. I enjoy cosplaying and began in 2014. Other places you can find me: Tumblr: and Instagram: Youtube: Twitter:
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    Hello guys! I'm a Cosplayer since 2010 from Germany! You can call me desiree or Fiolara! I love cheesy and cute stuff <3 I wish to become a better cosplayer and do a lot of great costumes in my future! Feel free to contact me any time <3333 For WIP's and Stuff you can also find me on Instagram: & Patreon: Have fun, see you soon!
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    ~ tab Hello ~ ★ I am cosplayer fom Venezuela, since July 2008 ~ =^_^= ♥ Thank you all for visiting my profile. <3