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Aiko-chi~ (Aiko)
Aiko is pretty new to the cosplaying scene, and will likely believe to think so for a while. As a student, cosplaying has to take a back seat, but when holidays arrive, all the cosplays can come out to play!

Also, I have no idea what do I put here, but do take a look at my Facebook Cosplay Page as well, and if you like it! xD
  • 昵稱Aiko-chi~
  • 性別 女性
  • 國家Republic of Singapore
  • 紅月司
  • reika2011
  • カップラメン
  • Archer
  • Eunice
  • Joukazu
  • Killua
  • Yuuki Hime Kuran
  • ジン
  • Akinari
  • Fishtail
  • Misaki Rin
  • Laki★
  • sy
  • カップラメン
  • Archer
  • saraiva
  • Hikari