Akuy Kumaha Sia (Akuy Shin Aoi)
Hello, my name Akuy. I cosplayer from Indonesia. I like visual kei, classical music, basketball, futsal, traditional games, and learn other cultures.

I really love my own culture and very proud of my own culture is SUNDA. but I am also interested in cosplay, because cosplay can make dreams come true for a little while my character in the anime movie.
  • 昵稱Akuy Kumaha Sia
  • 性別 男性
  • 國家Republik Indonesia
  • 啊寒
  • Cho Ha Jun
  • GilliAnn080594
  • Tengu
  • Richard Thorson
  • Meong \(^o^)/
  • Rithza サザミ
  • Ran Kenzaki
  • 夏目式
  • A.C.U
  • YoRefa Kuryuu
  • Michellle
  • Oi Ichiru
  • 姨妈姬
  • 啊寒
  • Cho Ha Jun
  • 千夜未来
  • Shiro Cosplay
  • 彌海夏
  • ChiakiAloise
  • GilliAnn080594
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  • Hamster Carrie
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