touga_mzzzx (TOUGA)
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    Hi, Everybody~here is Mahou Yue, Chinese CN:月黑 新浪微博【sina weibo】: Cure No:330917: So~enjoying!O(∩_∩)O
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    初めまして....チセキです よろしくお願いします。 大家好,我叫碩碩,請多指教:D → 近期COS: 黒子のバスケ→制服(飾:黄瀬涼太) 黒子のバスケ→球衣、制服.ver(飾:火神大我) Diabolik lovers →制服→便服(飾:逆卷アヤト) Wand of fortune→(飾:ラギ) →予定: PSYCHO-PASS→(飾:狡噛慎也)→完成度:80% 華麗的挑戰→該隱兄妹→完成度:60% 薄桜鬼→(飾:藤堂平助) →完成度:20% 歌之王子殿下→(飾:一十木音也) →完成度:20% 越えざるは紅い花→(飾:スレン) →完成度:20% → Pluck: →Cure: →Facebook:
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    Started cosplay since 2004. Who is a very lazy person, selfdom go to cosplay event. Everything is just for fun. Please visit>> Feel free to chat with me at facebook anytime.
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    Hong Kong
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  • Singapore
    Hello there! I'm a Cosplayer from Singapore (`・v´・๑ )ノ Thank you for visiting and have a nice day♪ ☆Cure:
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    I'm Korean costume player, Sayra. Thank you :D 잘 부탁드립니다~ Blog:
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    Hello! I'm Hikari, cosplayer from Russia. I'm 17 years old. Me at VK: Currently working on: Seven sins (lust)
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    Hey my name is Sayuri or Laladi~ I love to write with other people who share the same hobby. I Cosplay since 2008 and now I'm 20 years old. :3 Feel free to contact me! Height: 5'8'' / 1,73m Haircolor: Natural: Blonde - white Now: Red & Black Eyecolor: Brown
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    BLACK . E-CONG(블랙에콩/ブラック.エコン) Love it' -> The Prince of Tennis Twitter -> @EACONG
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    Hi, I'm Fei ^^ I'm a big fan of coser King and coser Kumaqi :x Nice to meet you!
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