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Sylvia (Aivy Yin)
Hi, I'm Aivy Yin.

Since March 2012, I've finally decided to bring Cosplay into my life.

As much as I love the characters I have chose to impersonate, I will always do my best to bring the visual to life. That's one of my said goal! :D

It would be great to have meet new people, to learn and socialize, also improvise at what I'm doing now.

Keep cosplaying and have fun!

Cure ID: 315280
  • 昵稱Sylvia
  • 性別 女性
  • 國家Malaysia
  • Zoe Gan
  • ケイ
  • 繭
  • Rosa Aoba
  • Ashimaru
  • 暁伊藤☆
  • Sakuya
  • 猫ちカズ
  • 假面蜀黍
  • シュースケ
  • TOMY
  • アイリカ
  • 但丁
  • Nana Takahashi
  • noia
  •  Nuke'emAll Kyon
  • Zoe Gan
  • 翼
  • inutama
  • Elliot
  • Lăng Âu Nguyệt
  • 長谷川涼二
  • Shio
  • Shun / Cilly
  • Vinc G Kyuuketsuki