saku (saku)
  • Italy
    Hey as you can see my favourite Cosplay is Noctis from Final Fantasy XV I Also try to do some different Cosplay when i Can ^ ^ Favourite Videogames:Dynasty Warriors,Final Fantasy X,VII,XIII,Dark Souls,Assassin's Creed FOLLOW ME: Well thats All Cya and have fun! (・ω・)ノ
  • Ireland
    I don't cosplay, but I would like to try it one day. I love maids, cheongsams, over-elbow gloves, satin/silk clothing and fluffy kemonomimi girls! I also love Touhou, the Soulsborne games and horror games!
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    Currently Retrieve My Account Page (2ND ACCOUNT) My Old One Was Got Trail Error Currently Back Up And Working On It [UNDERCONSTRUCTION]
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    Mexican Airsofter and future Cosplayer, Nice to meet you!! :D I really love Cosplay Instagram : @huronairsoft Twitter : @huronairsoft
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    Ensemble pour toujours.
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