Idril (IdrilKeeps)
Hi, I'm Idril!
I don't really see myself as a cosplayer, but I accidentally started cosplaying when I took on a challenge when I was having a stand at a convention in 2012, and it's been rolling since then. My main hobby is BJDs, Ball Jointed Dolls, which I co-host info- and sales stands with at cons in Norway. And OF COURSE our dolls cosplay, too!!! ;-)
Anyway, I'm 42, a widow, I have a daughter (17) and a beagle (Spike) and we live in Arendal, Norway.

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  • 昵稱Idril
  • 性別 女性
  • 年齡 45
  • 國家/地區Kongeriket Norge
  • 生日 03/03
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