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kusa (heib aki)
Hong Kong
  • Thailand
    I'm VioleT Cosplayer from Thailand. Call cosname violet or realname mooktan (´・ω・`) I like to write and read fiction on free time I love Manga, Anime, Cosplay and I Love You ///7\\\
  • 未選擇
  • Spain
    Hi! I'm Rikka ♥ I sometimes do cosplay with my bf ♥ Nice to meet you ∩__∩ If you like my cosplays follow me & my bf and give us a like ★ my facebook page ♥ My Blog with my bf ♥ Another random cosplay web ♥ My tumblr ♥ My instagram @rikkachan24 ♥ Thanks for your support ツ ♥
  • Hong Kong
    大家好/////這邊是香港 coser Genki元氣 請大家多多指教喔! Hello///// I am Nagi from Hong Kong minason yoroshiku!!
  • Hai
  • China
    低产Coser ‖ 优しい人にならなくちゃ ‖ 大概是个博爱党 ‖ 微博:
  • Taiwan
    大家好 我是千早祈# 是TW COS 目前都跑北場這樣 歡迎跟我聊AZ喔/// 吃的作品也多///不過目前已AZ為主//
  • Thailand
    สวัสดีคร้าบ!!! こんにちは!!! これから宜しくお願いします。
  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
    一位渣渣大叔COSER請多多指教:3 FB:
  • Taiwan
    大家好,我是臺灣coser 理查(●´∀`●) 謝謝你關注我喔! FB的聯合專頁→
  • United States
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
    Hi, I'm from Germany and I love Cosplay <3 I actually love to hand-embroider stuff, so if you want me to cosplay something give me a costume with embroidery XD You can find me on facebook for progress pics of my costumes:
  • Viet Nam