Martina (martyki)
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    (o’ω’o)b コンニチワァ♪☆ Hello there. I'm Cake-chan ケーキちゃん. Cosplayer from Thailand. i hope you guys always support me. <3 (〇´∀`〇) facebook : [Please message me when you want to addfriend .] instagram : @cakechan1412 ✨✨ And i'm a member Gohan-ya 🍙 Anime cover dance!☆彡 You can follow us on Instagram : gohan_ya twitter : @GohanYa_9 facebook :
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    Hey guys !! I'm Choi Ji Yun - Cosplayer from Vietnam Follow and support me on 【Facebook page】 : 【Instargram】: Choijiyun69.
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    Cosplayer since 2005. Mostly crossplayer.
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    I love manga and anime. I put passion in my cosplay and i hope you follow me. °w°💙 my profile on Instagram :
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    Hi! I'm a cosplayer since late 2014 ~ cosplaying is my hobby, not my job...still, I like to put a lot of effort in it 😊 In anime I usually ship boy/girl but sometimes a boy/boy couple catches my eye ~💓 ..Been only to two conventions up until now...😞 Hope you'll like what I'll post from time to time! Here's my fb page! If you'd like to pay a visit...
  • Philippines
    Busy person, found Cosplay Photography as my stress reliever, trying to improve by looking on photographs posted here in our world cosplay site. You'll often see me on cosplay conventions and openshoots. Don't hesitate to inform me if you have photos on my dashboard so that I can tag you. :) Ja ne!
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  • Italy
    Hiii welcome to my names is Chiara and I love vampire Knight....Yuki is fantastic I love lots of manga and anime , and I do cosplay for about 4 years , I find an art < 3 if you want to follow me and .... welcome to my Profile ; D Facebook:
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    A cosplay enthusiast from Serbia , cooperating with quality photographers , bringing anime characters into life. Check out my Facebook page and Tumblr for more frequent updates: ■Facebook: ■Tumblr: ■Twitter : ■VK: ■Weibo:
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    Hello, I'm Matteo, an italian hobbyist photographer with a huge passion for cosplay and portrait photography. Nice to meet you and I hope you'll enjoy my works! Web: Facebook Personal Profile: Facebook Page (photo): Facebook Page (only cosplay photo):