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Humanoid (Johan Andres Mateus)
Hi, my name is johan mateus but i better now as humanoid because of my different surgical implants to keep my life, I've been cosplayer since the 2008 and I will going on with all my heart

For now enjoy the cosplays I've done at this time and the photos I have taken the most representative Colombian cosplayers

soon more cosplays and more photos
  • 昵称Humanoid
  • 性别 男性
  • 国家República de Colombia
  • Hikari
  • 이내
  • d-slim
  • Martina V. Bove
  • Angel Ayanami
  • Moa
  • AR★Lu`
  • 렛꽁
  • 結崎
  • るぅく
  • Chofi Rouge
  • 蓝染
  • Red
  • Hikari
  • Willy Yagami
  • Leonardo Soto
  • d-slim
  • Martina V. Bove
  • Sobazaku
  • Karas.梵天
  • 浅黄
  • Moa
  • Kaito Bella Wafu
  • Victorique
  • Red
  • Luchito Manzanelli