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    I hope you enjoy my work.~
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    Hi! ◠ω◠ I am Veronica and I live in Italy. I'm an italian cosplayer since 2014. I really love cosplay, because has allowed me to make many friends :3 I hope you like my work (๐•̆ ᴗ •̆๐) I work hard to improve my skills! You can find me also: on instagram: on tumblr: on deviantart:
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    Proud Plus Size Cosplayer! Fashion Designer. Makeup Addict and more! Genderfluid (They/Them) Facebook: Instagram:
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    アメコミヒーロー中心 ☆Marvel.DC deadpool WadeWilson ☆DreamWorks Jackfrost ☆Disney gideon nickel Wild ☆Game🎮 PERSONA3 主人公 KOF K' これから増やす予定! アメコミでは大型考えています!同志様、フォロワー様求む!!!
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    Hi I`m Kaminari ryuu. I am newbie and I need to learn a lot from senior. If you want to give advice ,you can chat me freely. Arigatogozaimasu
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    I'm just a teen trying out simple cosplay I can only do simple stuff but I plan to learn more!