NewName41 (NewName41)
Hello! I don't cosplay, but I would like to try it someday.

This profile is a way for me to see new pictures from my favourite cosers (Ely, arata, Kipi and Spiral Cats, just to name a few).

I love maids, cheongsam/Chinese dresses, kimono, over-elbow/shoulder-length gloves, twin-tails, girls wearing silk/satin clothing and kemonomimi girls with fluffy ears and tails! I also love Touhou, Drakengard/Nier, the Soulsborne games and horror games! My 'Likes' here will be of those things.
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  • 昵称NewName41
  • 性别 男性
  • 年龄 28
  • 国家/地区Éire
  • 生日 06/05
  • TUNA
  • kurora
  • Yun
  • Vanikachan
  • Roux
  • HIHO
  • 神田翠
  • 葵子
  • Valesca Braga CAA
  • Saki Lawer
  • 咖啡
  • 冥
  • Kaori Yagokoro
  • Valesca Braga CAA
  • 若葉
  • 雪兒凜子
  • 神楽