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    キスケと申します!(My name is kisuke) Thank you for giving ♡. I'm really glad!! Messages are greatly appreciated! Because you are using English conversion software, it may be wrong grammar. But I will definitely reply! twitter @kisuke_099 今後予定(next schedule) 〇ジョーカーゲーム(joker game)  三好(miyoshi) 〇黒執事(Black Butler)  シエル・ファントムハイヴ(Ciel・Phantomhive) 〇A3!   合わせのお誘い大歓迎です。 2017/12/30 現在
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    Hi~ I'm cosplayer from Belarus
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    只是个喜欢动漫的普通人。。。囧 请多指教(๑• . •๑) I love manga、anime and cosplay~ ~(>_<)~
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    🌟梓/Azusa 🇹🇼Taiwanese Cosplayer 🌞TAGS:LL/戦ブラ/農藥/JX3/戀與/懷舊 ❤IDOLS:REIKA/SHINee/蛇足/GFRIEND/荒山亮 ❄Facebook:Kawamura Azusa ❄Instagram:@kawamura_azusa ※ Like and follow
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    Nice to meet you. Hope to become friends with you.❤ みんなと友達になりたい。 If you link this blog, Please note its orginal linkage, Thanks❤
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  • vav
    hello my name is vav. nice to meet you.
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    I am so sorry.
  • Mexico
    I'm Eun, graphic designer futuring~ I'd like be editor or photographer in the future. One of my main hobbies is the cosplay, and I like to make my own props (although I still need to improve). ✨Social networks✨ Instagram: Youtube: Facebook:
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    INFP | Philippines | Swiftie | ATLA freak | Cosplayer | Self-taught Artist ☆ Facebook ☆ Cosplay Amino ☆ Instagram
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