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    Hi-hi! I am Dark Inquisitor! (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪ Start Cosplay in May, 2013 (5th May 2013) Russian girl, living in Vienna, Austria Cosplayer, geek girl, student, make up artist (self-taught), gamer, fandom maniac Instagram - Deviantart - Tumblr - Vk group - Facebook group -
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    My name is LAW, I'm pleased to meet you. WEIBO: PLURK:
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    起初是Coser,玩Cos比赛,也玩私影,然后又变成了Cos摄影爱好者。 目前对Cos的看法是:Cosplay是降神术。或者说其精神与降神术、古希腊戏剧相通。 Cosplay is a seance.I think so.
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    I'm Japanese cosplayer! 大阪人。 どうぞよろしく! ■Instagram: ■Facebook: ■twitter: ■weibo:
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    這裡是御夜(*′艸`)// 近期依舊運動番一直線// Plurk Facebook Lofter
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    HOPE YOU ENJOY MY WORKS 新浪微博Weibo★ Facebook★ Twitter★ DeviantArt★
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    Keith from France. 25 y.o.. Cosplay and meet many kind people. Enjoy.
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    合作聯絡處E-mail❥ ❥ Facebook ❥Instagram ❥twitter ❥ Weibo
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    Now lived in Seattle. Hope to make more friends doing cosplay projects. I'm a designer, photographer and Coser! weibo: -Gerald-L-
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    I'm Space Alien (°∀°)b TH Cosplayer,Cosplay Ambassador, WCS2007&2009 TH Representative. Love Cosplay&Sleep:) ★ 【TW】: 【FB】: 【DA】: 【WB】: 【IG】 ★ 【Youtube】: