Suzumi or Rei-chan (Regina Santiago)
Konnichiwa~! Etto, I'm just starting to cosplay, so if you see anything wrong with my cosplays, please just comment. And please be gentle with me. >_<

I like to cosplay my original character and Gumi a lot. Please add me in facebook if you want.
  • 昵称Suzumi or Rei-chan
  • 性别 女性
  • 国家Republika ng Pilipinas
  • Lars
  • Kaoru Zaii
  • 繭
  • Laura Benini
  • Lars
  • 偽曦/恩田 唯
  • げんこ
  • HAKU_井小白小井
  • Maritsuki Haru
  • 繭
  • Devian Grey
  • SnowFallSlasher
  • Yuu
  • REKI
  • 小夢夢
  • RYO
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