Ryuu Photo Alchemist (Ryuu)
Hi people! I am Ryuu the Photo Alchemist!
I am an apprentice photographer who has turned his hobby into an overwhelming passion. My ambition is to become a great photographer cosplay, and not only..

Many more photos on the website to which I belong: coolshot.it

You can find me here:
DeviantArt: http://ryuuphotoalchemy.deviantart.com/
Skype: mrryo85
Twitter: RyuuPhoto
Istagram: ryuuphoto
Pingram: http://pingram.me/ryuuphoto
Otakumode: http://otakumode.com/MrRyuu
  • 昵称Ryuu Photo Alchemist
  • 性别 男性
  • 国家Repubblica Italiana
  • 杏子 チェリー
  • 杏子 チェリー
  • KANA
  • Queen Succubus
  • Fuinur Croft
  • Yellow Flash
  • Minami
  • M-Rato
  • エリーザタラミニ
  • Lexy
  • CrazyMonkey
  • サメキ
  • VaneAmane
  • Anna-chan