H君 (Danny)
Hi, I'm Danny(H君) from Penang, Malaysia.

I cosplay since 2012 June.I like to watch anime and manga at most of the time but sometimes I'm busy to work and would be less to cosplay in other new characters which I like.

Not for fame, I just want to do it as good as possible and I'm willing to make friend here too, just let me know on Facebook or here and hope you like my cosplay photo.

Update Naruto and Sasuke's cosplay photo will be my target in this year.
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  • 昵称H君
  • 性别 男性
  • 年龄 21
  • 国家/地区Malaysia
  • 生日 12/04
  • Yumiya
  • zun kichi
  • カメ子
  • 帕琪与兔
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  • ふじい藤井
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