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●ω●TenTen●ω● (TentenKawaii)
  • Thailand
  • Thailand
    Hello! <3 I'm Onnies , cosplayer from Thailand. FB : Twitter : IG : /onniesm DA :
  • Thailand
    Name : Xia Age : 15 私はジアですどうぞよろしく。 =w=
  • Thailand
    Hi! My name is Aineko♥, I'm a cosplayer from Bangkok Thailand♥I love anime, love cosplay, love culture of Japan. Hope you enjoy my cosplay picture!♥ Follow more of my cosplay work at
  • Japan
    Hi,I'm a Japanese cosplayer.I want to make friends with the cosplayer in the foreign country. If you like my cosplay, please send me a message to my Facebook. Thank you ^^ * favorite : BLEACH,UNLIGHT.Bascketball which Kuroko plays, and more ... :: Cure ... :: Cosplayers Arcive ... :: Facebook ...
  • Thailand
    Sa Wad Dee Kha ♥ I'm Ayumiki, Cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet you and thanx for following me My Page (Ayumiki) :: Always Welcomes All ::
  • sou
    [Plurk] [Facebook]
  • China
    姓名:迟慕晔 爱好:看动漫,漫画书,动画片,看动漫电玩图片 特长:模仿SD娃娃,让社里的每个人都放心,讨好爸爸妈妈 喜欢的食品:巧克力,巧克力味冰淇淋,香草味的高乐高,薯片,牛肉汉堡 喜欢的动画片:《犬夜叉》等很多日本动画 最喜欢干的事情:COS SD娃娃,睡觉,逛街 社内身份:专用"洋娃娃" 性格:认真,单纯,谦虚 爱好:看漫画,动画……有关动漫的一切! 崇拜的COSER:[翎式]的其它成员,风间召唤,小狼…………(其实有粉多…………) 最初COS的时间:2004年7月 COS心得:没有钱是万万不能的!! COS代表作:N套SD……(不愧是招牌娃娃…………) 把SD发挥到及至的人.据说她因为cosSD而走火入魔导致日常生活中都像一个没有生命的娃娃一样. 很敬业的人啊!
  • Thailand
    Hi ! My name is Shin . I'm Thai Nice to meet you everyone You can see more photo at my FB page :
  • Taiwan
    Hello everyone,my name is NiNi. I am a taiwan cosplayer I am about seven years old. I was born in Dec 28th 2007. Cause I'm still a child,I'm a little shy. So I can only cos the roles with my hair,but not wig. If you like NiNi's performance, please give me some encourage. NiNi will be very happy. Thank you for your supporting. FB-NiNiちゃん の Cosplay Story
  • United States
    Thanks for visiting! I am quite new to the cosplay world, and I hope to grow a lot as a cosplayer. All of my web cam pics are really just makeup tests or closet cosplays, my real stuff when go to cons and what not. I hope you enjoy my gallery!
  • Spain
    ♥Deviantart♥ ♥ Youtube ♥ ♥ Facebook ♥ If you watched me in Deviantart, please you confirm me in a comment ;_; I wish watch every cosplayer but I can not always see all watchs. Thank you for understand.
  • China
    Hello,everyone.This is Hellsong. Thanks for watching my cosplay photos. (0v-)
  • Australia
    [ライコウ] COS Cosplayer from Australia New Account :D [DEVIANTART] [CURECOS] [YOUTUBE]
  • Thailand
    Hello! I'm Kazuya (Reito) cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet you all :D facebook page >>
  • Hong Kong
    這邊是來自香港的廷廷~ 出COS是出得超級的崩請大家不要介意~ 接著放上偶的FB 感謝大家的支持喔~