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Ginsak Megu (Ginsak)
Hello my name is Gina, but I know as Ginsak or Megu Ginsak am a proudly Mexican cosplayer, more specifically of San Luis Potosi, love the cosplay which I started doing it since 2009 officially, I love doing and I love my accessories wigs, and that through this eh hobie met amazing people, and it is what I love, meet different cosplayers and learn from them.
  • 昵称Ginsak Megu
  • 性别 女性
  • 国家Estados Unidos Mexicanos
  • Chogyal Nemo Kiche
  • HMJ
  • Misa*米砂
  • siho
  • Helg
  • mimei
  • 玖恋
  • Arlene
  • 토미아
  • Devin Green
  • Xx_LiL_xX
  • Naru
  • 蜜柑
  • Nekuhachi
  • Kika
  • SteveChou1984
  • Amai Sasori
  • 幻音(小幻.雪櫻)
  • 玖恋
  • Dany
  • Мартин Стојчевски
  • Len Kagamine
  • Malee and Zam
  • Jen Ishihara
  • Arlene