Sebby Chan (Sebby Chan)
Hello there I am Sebby Chan/Micah Mikaella,I am the manager of Girl Group KYY24 Project or also known as KYY24. Its been long since I made a introduction about what I do so to keep it brief I am a photographer and designer of costumes that makes cosplay artworks and cosplay Pv.I mainly focus in cosplay events and cosplay production since last year but My label really is about Korean Dance cover.We hope you will like my shots and also my works.
  • WorldCosplay No.55977
  • 昵称Sebby Chan
  • 性别 女性
  • 国家/地区Republika ng Pilipinas
  • 瑛梨
  • 白!鳗鱼饭团
  • 海弥黒
  • Shewon
  • Catarina
  • sima/mayu
  • Marika Dorio
  • Rabbit
  • ナナ
  • Banazure
  • Natty
  • Nicole Ronquillo
  • JO간지
  • Karen-chan
  • DonkereDromen
  • クリスティンマルビ
  • Nicole Ronquillo
  • saraiva
  • Xhalis
  • Kuroi Marron
  • Aki