Sasha Risu (Sasha)
  • Japan
    柚月沙羅(ゆづきさら)と申します! 日本(関東)で活動しているレイヤー。 活動の場を増やしたく登録しました~! 国内外問わず仲良くして頂ける方沢山出来たら嬉しいです♡ 気軽に話しかけてください♪ ジャンル・気が合う方一緒にイベント行けたら嬉しいです~! ♡好き♡ コスプレ・歌うこと・演技・おしゃべり・お買い物 Twitter:@yzsarasan Follow me♡ ****************************** Bonjour! Je m'appele Sara Yuzuki. Je suis une cosplayer japonaise. Je peux parler francais...un peu... Si je recois un message,je suis tres heureuse. Je veux faire des amis avec beaucoup de Francais. Je veux aller JAPAN EXPO autrefois. Parlez-moi volontiers!
  • Italy
    Hi~! (⌒▽⌒) I'm an italian cosplayer who live in Naples. I llike anime, manga, idols, cosplay and videogames (expecially Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda and horror RPGs like Ib). My favourite character is Nico Yazawa from Love Live (I love all members of μ's, but Nico is special, she reminds me of myself... ♡ ) ___ Anata no heart ni Nico Nico nii~ ☆
  • Italy
    Hi, it's Jacopo here! I'm an italian cosplayer who live in Neaples. I love anime and videogames (expecially japanise ones) My favourite fandoms are "Death Note" and "The legend of Zelda". I love cosplaying in order to make live the character I love. What else? I hope you enjoy my works~ ><
  • Ays
    i'm a russian photographer and cosplayer,nice to meet you^^ also you can find me at the following links Vkontakte: if you want to ask me something: and my personal photos in Instagram:
  • Chile
    Ya-hooo ~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I'm Rinne! Nice to meet you<3 Chilean ☆ cosplayer 〜(T▽T〜) Love you all (〜T▽T)〜 FB:
  • Japan
    皆さんこんにちははじめまして! 日本の東京付近で活動してます。 お鈴ですヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ 好きなジャンル ラブライブ、ZONE-00、七つの大罪、ローゼンメイデン、RAVE、FAIRYTAIL、黒執事、鋼の錬金術師、etc.... Cospleyer:Osuzu CospleyersArchive: Twitter:
  • Ajo
    Hello,I am 阿兆(Ajo) I come from Taiwan,nice to meet you :D 【FaceBook FanPage】
  • Italy
    Hello (=^▽^=) I'm Laurelin. I love cosplay, I hope you like mine! (^ε^)♪ My dresses are always made by me! <3 Nyan, have a nice day (・ω・)/ ~~ Thank you so much for the vote and the follow!! *_* ~~ FACEBOOK PAGE -> TWITTER (english) ->
  • Japan
    This is the official WorldCosplay account for Cure & WorldCosplay. We will be publishing World Cosplay Day photos, taken from events we have participated in. All photos are published with the permission of their respective users. ■Cure : ■WorldCosplay : ■Facebook : ■Tumbler : ■Twitter : ■Weibo :
  • Japan
    we are japanese cosplay magazine COSPLAYMODE. Thank you for your posts by WorldCosplay for making our magazine!
  • Italy
    hi! i'm Naruko, i'm italian cosplayer!!!!!! i love anime, manga, cosplay and japan i hope you like my cosplays thank you everyone.... <3 deviant art : fb: istagram:
  • Italy
    My name is Claudia, and I'm an Italian cosplayer! I do not do follow for follow or like for like, but if I REALLY like your work I will subscribe immediately. I do not make all of my costumes, but I always give proper credits! DeviantArt: Facebook cosplay page
  • Germany
    Hi! my name is Kitsu and I am a 17-years old cosplayer from germany. Please take a look at my facebook page!
  • Canada
    Toronto based cosplayer with a focus on sewing and a desire to try new things. On facebook:
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요!!! 월드코스프레 회원 여러분! 26세 중부권 코스어 네타라고 합니다!!!~ 팔로우 환영합니다!+_+ 잘부탁드려요~ blog - Twitter - ask - Hello, Republic of Korea 26 years Cosplayers are called Netanyahu Well I'm begging you World Cosplay Member Follow Welcome Thank you
  • Italy
    Nya Nya Nya~ FB: