Kittychan Desu (kittychan)
hii!!! i'm Kittychan nice to meet you.
i hope you like my cosplay.
Most of my cosplays are handmade by me and my mom.
we be friends and extend our passion for cosplay with everyone muahahaha.
thanks for follow me, and to take the time to see
ah! I do not wear wigs (for the moment), at the moment I'm using my own hair.

P: sorry for my bad english... i'm trying to improve =)
  • 昵称Kittychan Desu
  • 性别 女性
  • 国家España
  • Manuel Marin
  • Satsuko
  • nikori0411
  • Ahnim
  • も凛
  • goofymick
  • あんにゃん
  • 森森
  • Yafira Nishio
  • LucyDarkDreams
  • Presea Pink
  • jhery-cherry
  • 꽃선
  • AL
  • 杏仔
  • Товарищ N
  • Kike
  • Hibari Rin
  • 御風
  • CANI
  • 夜鸷SAYOKO
  • tamaxi
  • 藤凪 伶
  • LucyDarkDreams
  • 望
  • なおと
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