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    karen Müller
  • Mexico
    -warning, my English is bad- Hi! I'm Mexican cosplayer since 2009! I consider myself a somewhat shy person, so I sorry if I do not usually talk much! (´▽`)ノ my specialties: do props & styling wigs! I'm a total failure in: to make clothes XD --LINKS!-- DA: hitokage-san.deviantart.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/nccosplay
  • United States
    Hello, I'm Hayley. I'm just starting to actually take part in cosplaying.. I might not upload very much anytime soon because I am still saving up for costumes. c:
  • China
  • Portugal
    Hey! I'm too broke to buy cosplay costums and too lazy to make them by myself, so I photoshop. b"d
  • Jas
    United States
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    Hello , I'm Kaito , and I'm a french cosplayer ! (^w^)/ I make cosplay since 2013 , so I know they aren't perfect ;w; I've created this account the 11/01/2014 ! Thanks for visit my page ♥ My Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/shuki.mio
  • Indonesia
    hai,I'm Ricky/riku,cosplayer from indonesia yoroshiku onegaishimasu.. m(._____.)m facebook https://www.facebook.com/riku.kagawa?ref=tn_tnmn twitter https://twitter.com/Riku_Kagawa